Soular System Essentials - Homemade Essential Oil Blends, Misting Sprays and Lava Stone Jewelry

Soular System Essentials

As a certified Hatha Yoga instructor, I created a line of essential oils to use in my practice. Soular System Essentials are homemade, all-natural essential oil blends and misting sprays. All oils are blended to balance and align the chakra energies of the body using organic grapeseed oil and witch hazel, while infused with Himalayan sea salt. Each product comes with an ingredient list and product guide. All products are customized and made to order.

 The body houses seven chakra energy zones. Each energy encompasses a scent, color, yoga posture, mantra and endocrine gland. Each handmade oil is utilized in my practice to balance and align the chakra energies of the body. If you are struggling with ailments ranging from fatigue, headaches, anxiety, depression, digestion, fertility, or basic aches and pains, Soular System Essentials is the place for you!

Please contact me with any questions and I would be happy to help!



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